Le conseil d’administration

The Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA) is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors of up to 14 members, including: the President, Past President, Vice President, one representative from each CDAA Organization Member, one representative from the Royal Canadian Dental Corps and other positions the Board deems necessary.

The President, Past-President and Vice President each serve a one-year term.

Provincial and Territorial representatives are elected or appointed to a two year term, which can be extended to a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The officers of the CDAA are the President, Past-President, Vice President and the Executive Director.

2022-2023 Board of Directors


Heather Brownlee

Vice President


Past President

Dianne Hennig

Alberta Director

Jane Sadler

Manitoba Director

Tabatha Blais

New Brunswick Director

Chelsea Nicholas

Nova Scotia Director

Nicole Whitehouse

Newfoundland Director

Robyn Brown

Royal Canadian Dental Corps

MWO Susanne Richard-Wilson

Saskatchewan Director

Melissa Blow

Ontario Director

Kelly Mansfield