Organizational Members

The CDAA is comprised of Organizational Members. Organizational Members consist of provincial or territorial dental assisting organizations that are primary providers of membership services to dental assistants within their respective provinces or territories.  Membership in the CDAA is limited to dental assisting organizations interested in furthering the profession of dental assisting. There is only one Organizational Member per province or territory.

The Organizational Members pay a fee per individual member within their provincial association per annum.

There are currently 8 Organizational Members, they are as follows:

Association of Alberta Dental Assistants
4 Elbow Drive
Devon, AB T9G 1M5
Telephone: (780) 987-2022
Manitoba Dental Assistants’ Association
142 – 99 Scurfield Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1Y1
Telephone: (204) 586-7383
Fax: (204) 489-8033
Toll Free: (877) 475-6322
New Brunswick Dental Assistants Association
PO Box 8997
Shediac, NB E4P 8W5
Telephone: (506) 532-9189
Toll Free:1-866-530-9189
Fax: (506) 532-3635
Email:     Website:
Nova Scotia Dental Assistants Association
PO Box 9142, Station A
Halifax, NS B3K 5M8
Telephone: (902) 405-1122
Fax: (902) 405-1133
Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Assistants Association
P.O. Box 28023, Avalon Mall
St.John’s, NL A1B 4J8
Royal Canadian Dental Corps
Department of National Defence
60 Moodie Drive,
Ottawa, ON K2H 8G1
Téléphone: (613) 901-9389


Ontario Dental Assistants Association
869 Dundas Street
London ON  N5W 2Z8
Ottawa, ON K2H 8G1
Téléphone: (519-679-2566/ 1-800-461-4348