Posted on March 18 2014

Call for Blog Contributors

The Canadian Dental Assistants Association is seeking contributors to a blog to be hosted on for the following writing types:

1. TIPS. In other words “how to” questions on clinical issues of relevance to the dental office. A case situation is presented in the form of a question placed out to dental assistants and the broader dental community. i.e. What factors should I consider when purchasing appointment-confirmation software for my office? What are best practices in infection control in the dental clinic?

2. STORIES RELEVANT TO THE PROFESSION OF DENTAL ASSISTING. Narratives or interviews about learning moments, instances of career advancement, or skill development. Useful professional and personal information that will improve their careers are sought. An auxiliary objective is to demonstrate to other health professions that dental assisting in Canada is supported by a mature and vibrant organization, the CDAA. Other articles can be considered. To view more on this article or other articles please click here. Call for Blog Contributors .….. and more