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CDAA Weekly E-Newsbrief March 23, 2017

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MARCH 23, 2017 ** le 23 mars 2017

After a hiatus, the CDAA Weekly Newsbrief is back and better than ever! Each week you will receive news articles from Canada and around the world with a focus on oral health and items of interest related to the dental assisting profession.  In addition, our new CDAA Newsbrief will include updates from contributers such as provincial dental assisting associations, industry partners, government and international dental assisting organizations. CDAA would like to thank our newsbrief sponsors, Scrubs Canada and Kerr Dental for their support and TD Insurance for their support of the CDAA.

Après un hiatus, le Bulletin hebdomadaire de l’ACAD est  de retour et meilleur que jamais! Chaque semaine, vous recevrez des articles de presse du Canada et du monde entier qui mettent l’accent sur la santé bucco-dentaire et sur les sujets d’intérêt liés à la profession d’assistance dentaire. De plus, notre nouveau bulletin de l’ACAD comprendra des mises à jour des contributeurs, comme les associations provinciales d’assistant(e)s dentaires, les partenaires de l’industrie, le gouvernement et les organismes internationaux. L’ACAD tient à remercier nos commanditaires, Scrubs Canada et Kerr Dental pour leur appui, ainsi que TD Meloche pour leur soutien continu à l’ACAD.

Oral Health

14 results

Halton Region offering free baby and toddler dental screenings through oral health pilot project
Inside Halton • March 15th, 2017
Halton Region has launched an oral health pilot project aimed at children aged 0-3, which includes dental…
How to Brush your Teeth
Inside Halton • March 19th, 2017
put into it. But are you doing it properly? According to Registered Dental Hygienist Balbir Sohi , a little bit of education can go a long way into kee…
No dental clinics at Stratford Elementary and Glen Stewart Primary this year
CBC • March 18th, 2017
es, which include which include teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and oral health education.Those students will be able to go to the Dental Public Health…
What would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth for a year?
MSN Canada • March 15th, 2017
can Dental Association spokesperson.  Most people who stop brushing their teeth will develop… cavities (tooth decay) and/or periodontal disease (gum diseas…e). Both can be painful and both can cause teeth to fall out. When bacteria in……
Seven common causes of dry mouth—And how to fix it
MSN Canada • March 16th, 2017
s a nice little bonus.) Last, make sure you’re keeping your teeth and …gums clean. “Dry mouth makes yo…u more likely to get tooth decay because you don’t have the saliva there to break down the bacteria,” Bhuyan…
Smile sharing & brushing up on education • March 20th, 2017
Did you know you can get a tooth transplant?
Global News Canada • March 15th, 2017
Global News Hour at 6 Edmonton Wintertime Green Shacks bring back organized play to Edmonton parks 03:30 Global News Hour at 6 Edmonton Global Edmonton weather forecast 02:10 Global News Hour at 6 Edmonton New study explores incumbents’…
Peel anti-fluoride lobby spotlights toxic cleanup needed after Hwy. 401 pileup
Mississauga News • March 17th, 2017
Fluoridation committee reaffirming the municipality’s commitment to oral health, while recommending fluoride concentrations in local drinking water be redu…
Vérité ou mythe ? Une enquête mondiale réalisée pour la Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire expose la vérité sur nos …
Le • March 20th, 2017
Aujourd’hui, à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire, la Fédération dentaire internationale (FDI) détruit le mythe se…
McGill Faculty of Dentistry Will Continue to Offer Free Dental Services at Welcome Hall Mission
MarketWired • March 20th, 2017
of Dentistry and Welcome Hall Mission are pleased to announce on World Oral Health Day that they have signed an extension t…o their partnership agreement to provide dental care to disadvantaged Montrealers for at least another five years. Since the…
La faculté de médecine dentaire de l’Université McGill continuera à offrir des services dentaires gratuits à Mission Bon Accueil
MarketWired • March 20th, 2017
arketwired – 20 mars 2017) – En cette Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire , la faculté de médecine dentaire de l’Université McGill et Mis…
Understand “The Economics of Family Oral Healthcare” on World Oral Health Day
MarketWired • March 20th, 2017
Poor Oral Health Can Be A Risk Factor to Dementia; Hong Kong and Taiwan Dental Experts Introduce “The Ten-Minute Rule” for Perfect Clean Teeth by Chewing Sugar-Free Gum After Each Meal HONG…
Long-term care: Where innovation can bloom
Hospital News • March 15th, 2017
long with Saint-Louis Residence (SLR) staff validated the standardized Oral Health Assessment Tool in French and developed an animated s…hort video Mouth Matters on the importance of good oral health. This eased the way for the implementation……
Is your diet wrecking your teeth?
MSN Canada • March 17th, 2017
his expert opinion on how each of these diets can impact your oral health. 1. The sirtfood diet The latest diet taking the weight loss wor…

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