Posted on March 2 2017

Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2017

Patient focused with passion and purpose!

CDAA DARW 2017 Banner

Don’t forget to recognize Registered Dental Assistants during the first week of March, the 5th to 11th!

March 5-11, 2017, has been designated by the American Dental Assistants Association, along with the American Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association, as the perfect time to acknowledge and recognize the versatile, multitalented members of your dental team — your Dental Assistants.

Contributing to quality dental care, today’s dental assistants are role models of professional development. Strengthening the entire dental team, they enhance patient satisfaction throughout the world. That’s why staffing your office with Registered or Certified Dental Assistants ensures the level of professionalism and service your patients deserve. They are committed to their profession, making them your essential assistants.

Let’s celebrate dental assisting and the people who practice it during the annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week, from March 5th to 11th, 2017.

A certified or registered dental assistant is educated in infection control protocols, exposing and processing radiographs, providing patient education, assisting the dentist during procedures, independently providing intra oral treatments, performing laboratory tasks and much more. As part of the dental team they are essential to the oral care of Canadians! Recognize your dental assistants during the first week of March.

Feel free to print one of the following posters to raise awareness:

DARW 2017 FlyerADAA DARW 2017 Flyer