Posted on May 6 2014

Students’ rotting teeth show ‘inequality of health’

A painful measure of inequality exists among students in nearly half of this city’s elementary schools, new data obtained by the Toronto Star shows. Toronto Public Health hygienists looked inside the mouths of nearly 220,000 students from junior kindergarten to Grade 8 last year as part of an annual free dental health screening program in schools. In the process, 44 per cent of schools were designated “high risk” based on the rotting condition of children’s teeth. “Sometimes the children have been complaining of pain, sometimes they haven’t been because they’ve been living with the pain so long they can’t tell otherwise,” said Dr. Michele Wong, a manager of dental and oral health services for Toronto Public Health. To view more on this article or other articles please click here. Students’ rotting teeth show ‘inequality of health’ .….. and more