Continuing Education

CDAA no longer offers Continuing Education courses as of April 1, 2015

***Please contact your provincial dental assisting association directly for details and programs offered for continuing education credits***

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I continue to earn continuing education credits in the future?

o Continuing education credits may be available through your provincial dental assisting association, please contact them directly for details on what they offer

o Guest speakers, provincial meetings, workshops etc., in your region may be acceptable methods of gaining continuing education credits. Please contact your provincial dental assisting association for additional details.

o Many oral health companies, for example, Proctor and Gamble, offer free online continuing education courses. Please refer to their websites for availability.

2. Will I be able to finalize courses I have recently purchased from CDAA?

o Yes, provided all courses have been completed prior to April 1, 2015 as the online learning platform will no longer be available as of April 1, 2015.

It is the sole responsibility of the individual to ensure the purchased course is completed prior to the April 1, 2015 deadline.

Should the course not be completed prior to April 1, 2015, the individual will be unable to complete the course. CDAA will not be responsible for reimbursing incomplete courses once they have been purchased and the April 1, 2015 deadline has passed.

3. Who do I contact should I have questions regarding by continuing education status?

o For all CDAA continuing education course credits, please contact CDAA at 1-800-345-5137.

o For all inquiries regarding the number of continuing education credits required, sources to earn continuing education credits, etc. please contact your provincial dental assisting association.

4. Is my personal information being protected?

o CDAA takes the security and retention of your personal information seriously. We have implemented a detailed information security plan, which complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

5. If I need to access my continuing education information in the future, can I do so?

o Accessing your CDAA continuing education information will not be accessible once the online learning platform has been taken offline.

o CDAA encourages you to ensure your course certificates are printed and that you retain them in your personal records.

6. What is the last date I can complete a continuing education course, (hard copy course or online course) offered by CDAA?

o The last date to complete a continuing education course will be midnight on March 30, 2015. For online courses, please ensure you print your certificate and retain it in your records prior to March 30, 2015. For hard copy courses, please ensure your completed test forms are received by CDAA prior to March 30, 2015.

7. Will CDAA issue certificates for completed courses beyond March 30, 2015?

o No. Students are responsible for printing/saving their own certificates for any CDAA continuing education courses they have successfully completed online prior to March 30, 2015. CDAA will cease issuing certificates for hard copy courses effective March 30, 2015.