Posted on December 1 2010

CDAA Dental Assisting News


April 02: Oral health researchers form Canadian Network, Students sink their teeth into additional training….. and more

April 09: Thousands of Oklahoma patients urged to get tested for hepatitis after investigation shows dirty instruments, How sanitary is your dentist’s office?….. and more

April 16: Dentist’s chair in inner city Vancouver school puts treatment within reach, April is National Oral Health Month, Why dental anesthetic has Epinephrine in it….. and more


March 05: Why teeth darken, postmenopausal smokers risk greater tooth loss, Nunavut needs better preventative dental care: MLA….. and more

March 12: Scientists grow teeth from gum cells, Chewing ability tied to dementia risk, Pacifiers and dental health….. and more

March 19: Chris Hadfield on brushing his teeth in space, Disaster response law recognizes dental role….. and more

March 26: Teeth loss linked to heart attacks, diabetes and high cholesterol, Rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry, When is it hip to use antibiotics for cleaning teeth….. and more


February 05: Networking to help manage and improve dental careers, Important steps in learning to care for the oral health of older adults as they age…… and more

February 12: Possible link between obesity and gum disease, Sports and energy drinks can cause permanent tooth damage……. and more

February 19: World Oral Health Day 2013: Celebrate oral Health on March 20, New stingless device for cavity fillings or extractions, Curing sealants, varnishes….. and more

February 26: Mouthwash does help Oral Health, Modern diets are rotting our teeth….. and more


January 01: The effects of alcoholism on your mouth, Water fluoridation mat affect children’s IQ, Tongue piercing: Is it dangerous…… and more

January 08: Quick detection of periodontitis pathogens, Dental researches determine relationship between oral health habits and dementia……. and more

January 15: Study: Bleaching changes teeth at molecular level, Dental care access too unequal say pediatricians, The number one threat to kids’ health……. and more

January 22: Preventing dental decay in children, Fluoridation news….. and more

January 29: Dentistry from the Heart provided free care to 92 peple, Beta-Catenin molecule is required for tooth root formation…… and more