Posted on June 26 2023

New Leadership at the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association is pleased to introduce our new Executive Director, Leslie Ann Wirth.

Leslie joined the CDAA in the spring of 2023 and has an extensive background in the planning and delivery of health services in multiple jurisdictions in Ontario and British Columbia. Specializing in change management, Leslie has considerable experience in both system transformation and organizational change and development and is a passionate advocate for good governance and accountability.  We are confident that Leslie will provide the necessary leadership to ensure that the CDAA continues to drive the national agenda for the dental assisting profession forward and achieves long term sustainability.

Over the course of the next year, the CDAA will be refocusing its attention to making the necessary operational and strategic changes to reaffirm our status as the national voice of the dental assisting profession in Canada while implementing new and innovative ways to engage our members, work with our partners in oral care, and lead the conversation at the national level.

Change of this magnitude does take time, however, with Leslie’s guidance, the Board of Directors is committed to taking the necessary action to improve our performance and achieve our long term goals.