CDAA Services

CDAA is a unified federation of Dental Assisting Organizations. Each organizational member sees intrinsic values from the community CDAA creates.

CDAA offers value to the Dental Assisting profession through:

ADVOCACY: By providing

  •  Respect and influence over dentists/employers
  •  A voice with the federal government, legislators, and critical national influencers on oral health issues
  •  Ensuring continued labor mobility and employment opportunities in federal regulated aspects of public health delivery

RESEARCH: By providing

  •  A means of sharing best practices with colleagues
  •  More professional respect

COMMUNICATION: By presenting

  •  Coming in 2017. An informative weekly e-news brief.


  •  Each year, the organization is honoring some of their members that have given of their time and talents to the profession. It is really important to thank volunteers for their dedication, devotion and caring.


  •  Financial savings in insurance and other affinity programs
  •  Stronger provincial dental assisting organizations that can offer increased services

CDAA services are available to dental assistants that are members of a CDAA Organizational Member.