Malpractice Insurance

Since 1998, CDAA  has been offering malpractice insurance to eligible dental assistants.

When we first introduced this program, many dental assistants believed that they did not need to be covered because their employer’s, and therefore the dentist’s, insurance policy would protect them.

The truth is that everyone is vulnerable and dental health practitioners should have personal malpractice insurance at work.

Dental assistants have been sued and have benefited from the counseling, legal support and financial payment that was included in our national insurance program.

The National Malpractice Insurance Program is designed to provide protection in cases of injuries sustained by patients during dental treatment resulting in large claims for harm/suffering/injury and even death. Anesthesia errors, hand slips, airway obstruction or even allergic reactions all pose serious risks to patients and could result in major lawsuits.

The policy will be in effect from February 1 to January 31 and can be renewed annually. You can purchase the insurance at the same cost throughout the year, but the coverage date will only begin from the date of processing your application until January 31 of the following year.

Malpractice insurance is only available to dental assistants who are members of one of CDAA’s member organizations.

If you are registered with the Manitoba Dental Assistants’ Association, the New Brunswick Dental Assistants’ Association, the Alberta Dental Assistants’ Association or the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Assistants’ Association, your malpractice insurance is included in your license fee. If you are from Nova Scotia, Ontario or Saskatchewan and you are a member of your provincial association and a member of the CDAA, please fill out our malpractice application form and send it to the CDAA office to ensure that you are covered! Unfortunately, CDAA no longer has an Organizational Member from Quebec or British Columbia, so CDAA is not able to accept applications from these provinces.

2023-2024 Coverage

Malpractice application form 2023-2024